Romancing the Gothic: The Devil Himself is Transformed into an Angel of Light


Primary Texts

Anonymous  Historia von D. Johann Fausten   1587

Dante Alighieri  The Divine Comedy  1320

William Blatty  The Exorcist  1971

John Buchan  Witchwood  1927

Lord Byron    Cain    1821

Jacques Cazotte  The Devil in Love (Le Diable Amoreux)  1772 

Charlotte Dacre   Zofloya; Or, The Moor   1806

William Godwin  An Enquiry concerning Political Justice   1793 

Johann Goethe  Faust  1808/34

Nathaniel Hawthorne  ‘Young Goodman Brown’  1835

James Hogg   The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner  1824

                          ‘The Brownie of the Black Haggs’   1828

                           ‘Mr Adamson of Laverhope’  1829

Mikhail Lermontov  Demon  1839

Ira Levin  Rosemary’s Baby  1967

Matthew Lewis   The Monk   1796

Charles Maturin  Melmoth the Wanderer  1820

Christopher Marlowe  The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus 1592

John Milton  Paradise Lost  1667/74

Ann Radcliffe  The Italian; Or, The Confessional of the Black Penitents  1796

James Robertson  The Testament of Gideon Mack  2006

Walter Scott   ‘Wandering Willie’s Tale’ in Redgauntlet   1824

Muriel Spark  The Ballad of Peckham Rye  1960

Robert Louis Stevenson  ‘Markheim’  1883

Mary Wollstonecraft  Vindication of the Rights of Woman  1792


Films and TV series

Dir. Peter Hyams   End of Days   1999

Dir. Tom Kapinos  Lucifer  2016 –

Dir. Douglas MacKinnon  Good Omens  2019

Dir. Ridley Scott  Legend  1985

Dir. Gregory Widen  The Prophecy  1995


Critical Sources

Steven Blakemore – ‘Rebellious Reading: The Doubleness of Wollstonecraft’s Subversion of Paradise Lost in TSLL

Adriana Craciun – ‘Romantic Satanism and the Rise of Nineteenth-Century Women’s Poetry’ – New Literary History

Magnus Peter Gilmore – ‘Satanism: The Feared Religion’ on Church of Satan <>

Lucien Greaves – ‘What is the Difference between the Satanic Temple and the Church of Satan’ on The Satantic Temple <>

James Morse McLachlan – ‘Romantic Hero or Just Another Asshole’ in The Devil and Philosophy

Thomas Nashe – The Terrors of the Night – 1594

William Perry – ‘English Literature’s Debt to the Bible’ in The North American Review

Joel Porte – ‘In the Hands of an Angry God: Religious Terror in Gothic Fiction’, in The Gothic Imagination: Essays in Dark Romanticism, ed. by G. R. Thompson

Tzvetan Todorov – The Fantastic: A Structural Approach to a Literary Genre

Judith Wilt – The Ghosts of the Gothic

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