Romancing the Gothic – Who will rid me of this troublesome priest?: Gothic Faith and Monstrous Religion


Anonymous  The Libertines  1798

(Jean Barrin)   Venus in the Cloister   1683

Edmund Burke    Reflections on the Revolution in France   1790

Charles Churchill  The Times  1764

T. J. Horsley Curties Ethelwina, Or, The House of Fitz-Auburne 1799

Antonio Gavin   The Frauds of the Romish Monks   1691

Antonio Gavin   A Master Key to Popery   1726

William Godwin  Caleb Williams  1794

William Godwin St Leon  1799

James Hogg  The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner   1826

David Hume  ‘Superstition and Enthusiasm’

W. H. Ireland The Abbess 1799

(Jean-Charles Gervaise de Latouche) History of Dom Bougre – The Porter of Chartreux 1746

Matthew Lewis  The Monk  1796

Matthew Lewis  Venoni  1806

Owen Lewis   The Unmasking of all Popish monks, friers and Jesuits   1628

Charles Lucas  The Castle of St Donats, or, The History of Jack Smith  1798

Charles Maturin  Five Sermons on the Errors of the Roman Catholic Church  1826

  Charles Maturin Melmoth The Wanderer  1820

Ann Radcliffe  The Italian  1796

Ann Radcliffe The Mysteries of Udolpho  1794

Ann Radcliffe A Sicilian Romance    1790

Regina Marie Roche  The Children of the Abbey  1796

Catherine Selden  The English Nun  1797

Mary Shelley   Valperga  1823

Horace Walpole  The Castle of Otranto  1764



Mark Canuel  Religion, Toleration and British Writing  2002

Robert Geary   The Supernatural in Gothic Fiction  1992

George Haggerty  Queer Gothic  2006

Diane Long Hoeveler  The Gothic Ideology  2014 

Jarlath Killeen  Gothic Ireland  2005

Alison Milbank  God and the Gothic   2018

Robert Miles  ‘Europhobia’ in European Gothic  2017

Douglas Newton  Catholic London  1950

Joel Porte  ‘In the Hands of an Angry God’ in Essays on Dark Romanticism   1974 

Maria Purves   The Gothic and Catholicism  2009

Julie Peakman   Mighty Lewd Books  2003

Clara Tuite       ‘Cloister Closets: Enlightenment Pornography, The Confessional State,   2007  Homosexual Persecution and The Monk’ on Romanticism on the Net

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